Who we are

We are an association of idealists who always strive to create the perfect product and find the ideal solution to the problem. Starting from the briefing and ending with the submission of the final report, all the “inhabitants” of the Pautina give all their best and apply all their professional knowledge in order to hear from the Client at the end “Everything is cool, we like it. Thank you!«

Why are we doing this

We live in a world where information depreciates every hour. It is not enough just to know - it is much more important to apply knowledge in practice. And each of the inhabitants of the Pautina is constantly learning, improving and striving to be 100% up-to-date in order to offer a modern and correct solution to your business problem in time.

Our approach

Pautina does not have an office and most likely never will. All members of the team are responsible and disciplined and can work from anywhere in the world with Internet access. No, we are not freelancers, we are a distributed team of professionals, each of whom values their time and understands the responsibility that lies with them.

Our team

For each project, a new team is formed exclusively from those specialists who are needed to solve a specific task.

We have well-developed and regulated communications, which, like the threads of a web, connect us into a single network.